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Hockey brings out our best. From community rinks to games played around the globe, we cheer, support and celebrate the dedication and passion that players young and old bring to the game. At every level, for everyone involved both on and off the ice, hockey inspires us.

At Hockey Calgary, our vision is to provide leadership, life skills and development to all our members. We believe in the benefits of hockey, far beyond the final score. This year, we are proud to share a few personal stories from our hockey community, where in their own words they tell us how Hockey Inspires them.

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How Hockey Inspires Matt

Immigrating to Canada from Australia, Matt immediately embraced hockey, taught himself how to skate and joined a men’s league. Now a father of 3 boys, sharing his passion for the game is a priority. Matt proudly coaches his oldest son Morgan at the Timbits level, and is inspired by Morgan’s growing confidence and the joy he gets from playing.



How Hockey Inspires Mark

Originally from Uganda, Mark was adopted and began playing hockey at 3 years old. Now playing at the Elite level, Mark has grown up with the game and believes he has learned important life lessons from hockey. He appreciates the feeling of his family’s support and admiration, and is inspired to set the best example possible, both on and off the ice.



How Hockey Inspires Kate and Kassie

Kate and Kassie are sisters who share a love for hockey. They believe that hockey has ingrained in them a greater understanding of respect. Respect for self, for teammates, coaches and competitors. Everyday they give their all, hoping to inspire others through their actions and their passion.


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PosterRespect (Kate)

How Hockey Inspires Emily

For Emily, hockey has created wonderful connections. New friends, teammates and mentors, but most importantly it has connected her in exciting new ways to family. Looking up to the stands to see her family sharing in her joy means as much as any success on the ice and inspires her to continue giving her best.



How Hockey Inspires Kath

Having played hockey through to the College level, the game has given Kath a great deal. She is proud to now be giving back through coaching, inspiring young players with her knowledge and passion. Instilling an understanding that commitment, hardwork and fun are the foundation for success in hockey and beyond.



How Hockey Inspires Parker and Jackson

Parker and Jackson have already learned the true meaning of teamwork. That working together can lead to something truly inspiring. The friendships that are forged and the lessons we learn about support, sharing, commitment extend well beyond the game.



How Hockey Inspires Rob

From early days on the pond to early mornings with his Men’s team, Rob Kerr has always been inspired by hockey. The life lessons he has garnered from the game have supported Rob throughout his career as a sports broadcaster, and he actively contributes to the promotion and growth of hockey.



How does hockey inspire you?

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